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Black Ant Goumet moved to Kin Kin in 2012,  work began on restoring the idle Kin Kin General Store to accomodate the ever growing business. Jodie’s then small family run catering & manufacturing business grew to include a cafe and restaurant, which is quickly becoming a destination with the Noosa Hinterland.  Jodie and her team of 18 staff members are based out of the Kin Kin General Store where they provide their customers with a range of options for breakfast and lunch 7 days a week, woodfired pizzas every Friday evening, Black Ant BBQ Buffet each Sunday along with chef specials most days. They also work at many functions and exclusive events around the Sunshine coast region, providing set menu banquets, casual canapes and spectacular grazing long lunches.

Black Ant Gourmet

Black Ant Gourmet was established by chef, Jodie Williams in 2008 as a platform to provide a range of condiments and frozen restaurant quality ready- made meals. The focus has always been on utilising ingredients that have been farmed & sourced ethically. As Jodie had been in the restaurant and catering industry already for over 15 years, developing Black Ant Gourmet quickly gained her repeat custom,  with requests for private catering jobs.

Jodie and her team pride themselves on being able to create customised, unique menus  to suit their clients special occasion or corporate function.

Black Ant Gourmet available at Kin Kin General Store

7 days a week

Breakfast Menu       7am – 11am

Lunch Menu             11am – 3pm Dessert Menu           11am – 3pm Friday night Wood Fired Pizza from 6pm Sunday BBQ Buffet from 11am

Kin Kin General Store

Coffee, homemade cakes and treats, Ready made meals, takeaway food, convenience groceries, local meats, fresh fruit and vegetables.

Kin Kin Community Postal Agency

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(07) 5485 4177


56 Main St, Kin Kin, Queensland 4571


We cater for many functions on and off site, accomodating for both large and small number of attendants. Providing experienced catering services, we specialise in birthdays, weddings and corporate events. Menus are custom made to suit our clients and their guests; taking into consideration any dietary requirements requested.

Our Black Ant Barn at the Kin Kin General Store is a rural alfresco dining area, set in the picturesque hills of Kin Kin, within the Noosa Hinterland. This accomodating area can be exclusively suited for your special event. Contact us for a sample of the catering menu’s and packages that we have available.

Friday Night Wood-fired Pizza

Live acoustic music, delicious BBQ Buffet and fresh seasonal specials.

Come along and experience one of our

Theme Nights

On the 3rd Saturday night of each month we hold our theme night dinners from 5:30pm.

Bookings are essential, contact us to enjoy an evening of taste bud sensation, as we explore cuisine from cultures across the globe; selected, planned and designed by our Chef Jodie Williams.


We cater for weddings off-site or make the whole process simpler for you by offering a unique, relaxed venue for you to celebrate with your loved ones. Menus are completely customised to what you would like for your special day. Please contact us for further information and sample menus.

Products in Store

Travelling through or stopping in for coffee or lunch at the Black Ant, kin Kin General store? Then take the time to take a look at all our Black Ant Gourmet Products. We have a large range of fresh and frozen products available made right here in store. From Pesto’s and Relish’s to our frozen Ready made meals consisting of a variety of casseroles, curries, Lasagne’ and pizza’s we can make dinner, camping or gift giving simple. Contact us if you’d like to pre-order your product ready for you to pick up in store.

All Natural . Locally Sourced . No Preservatives

Our Housemade Products

Made with REAL, ALL Natural Ingredients with NO Artificial Additives.

Fingerlime Aioli

A zesty pop infused into our creamy garlic aioli is a great addition to any seafood or chicken dish.  (250g)

Caesar Dressing

A quality Caesar dressing with parmesan, anchoivies, garlic and black pepper that dresses to impress.

Chilli Basil Mint Dressing

The perfect dressing for chicken or seafood Asian influenced salads. Also works well as a marinade for prawns or chicken breast.

Tomato Chilli Relish

A fantastic addition to a cheese plate, bacon and eggs or as a dip, just add sour cream.

Basil Macadamia Pesto

A full flavoured macadamia filled basil pesto that can be used tossed through pasta, added to mayonaise or crumbled over any salad or pasta dish.  Toasted turkish will never be the same without it!  Try together with our tomato relish…a match made in heaven!

Beetroot Relish

A Chinese spice infused beetroot relish that works well with beef or duck, great in a burger , no more slipery sliced beetroot or maybe try combined with ricotta or fetta for that perfect dip.

Thai Green Curry Chicken

Mainly chcihen and full flavoured green curry coconut sauce with lemongrass, kaffir lime and basil.  Add extra vege and serve with rice.  A restaurant quality  ready meal to have in your freezer when you just want a great curry no fuss!

Indian Beef Curry

Mild Indian spices slow cooked with beef and tomatoes.  We take the time out of cooking this curry for you!  Great with basmati rice, yoghurt and padadums .  Add some of our spicey chilli harrisa for a bit of heat!

Moroccan Lamb Curry

A mild lamb and sweet potato Tagine goes well with cous cous, sour cream and harissa.

Indian Butter Chicken

One of our favourite ready meals popular with the younger generation. A mild tomato cream based Indian chicken curry, great with rice, spinach, Naan bread and yoghurt.

Peppered Beef Casserole

A hearty beef and Vegetable stew that goes perfectly with you favourite crusty bread and butter.

Bolognaise Sauce

Oue single serves are ideal with pasta or taosted jaffles.  Grab a larger one to make that perfect lasagne.  Grab one for  the kids if they don’t like curry!

Beef Lasagne

Traditional Beef lasagne with a rich bolognaise sauce and bechamel that goes perfectly with a greek salad or on its own.

Vegetable Lasagne

Layers of grilled vegetable built as a lasagne with pasta, white sauce and tamato concasse.  A great Vegetarian meal option or perfect way to have 3 vege to have with steak.

Pulled Pork Pie’s

Slow cooked pork shoulders pulled and mixed with gravey jus and baked in butter puff pastry.

Thai Green Curry Pie’s

Thai Green curry chicken in a pie!  East meets west in a delicious way!

Chunky Beef Pie’s

More beef pieces than gravey …the way it was meant to be.  Full flavoured grass fed beef pies using prime meat cuts.

Indian Beef Pie’s

The perfect Curry beef pie.

Chicken & Leak Pie’s

A creamy European style chicken pie that goes well with ceasar side salad.

Peppered Beef Pie’s

Add a little spice to your beef pie!

Spinach & Fetta Quiches

A great easy lunch , breakfast on the go or perfect kids dinner.

Mushroom Quiches

Perfect light lunch with a salad.

Ham & Cheese Quiche

Double smoked ham and Kenilworth Vintage Cheese.

Pumpkin Parmesan Quiche

Delicious Vegetarian option.

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56 Main Street, Kin Kin, QLD 4571

Ph: 07 5485 4177 Mob: 0488 569 020 Email Black Ant Gourmet